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в последнее время зауважал .name, раньше к этому домену относился не серьезно, но сделал свой прожект и первая индексация в яндексе меня удивила. прописалось сразу 57 страниц. у меня такого на RU никогда не было; максимум 10-15. в общем отлично и сайтов много в name, домен живой не висит на парковках.
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In late September 2007 security researchers accused GNR of harboring hackers for a few dollars more, as the policy of selling detailed registration info on .name domains for USD 2 apiece hinders community efforts to locate and clean up malware spreading machines, trojanized zombies and botnet control servers located under the .name space.

Considering there are millions of malicious and/or hijacked systems spread all over the net, the assumption made was that finding out about the .name population alone could cost thousands of dollars in fees, while the dot-com and dot-net spaces make their registration info freely available.

This issue originated with an online article that included quotes from a number of security researchers wrongly assuming they would have to pay for each Whois lookup as part of their efforts. This part of the article was factually incorrect as the Registry does indeed offer free unlimited lookups for legitimate users through the free Extensive Whois access program.

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